Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Normally current reservation after chart preparation is being handled manually all over Indian Railway. It is now planned to introduce current reservation through the system after chart preparation. Reservation after charting has been started on selected trains. The Computerised Passenger Reservation System Ticket is available even after the preparation of chart at the selected counters of the Originating station of the trains where Reservation after charting has been implemented. for details contact Chief Reservation Supervisor of the concerned originating station.

The current reservation will take care of not only vacant berths but also any subsequent cancellation done after the chart preparation.

The current reservation system will stop functioning 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. In case of any delay in the departure of train, accordingly the system will continue to issue ticket till 15 minutes before the revised scheduled departure of the train.

The tickets issued through Current Counter will have the caption "Journey cum Reservation Tickets after charting"

The list of the trains included are as follows :-


S said...

What if we have a WL ticket after chart preparaTion ? We will aproach the counter to get alloted a seat/birth become vacant after charTing Or we have to cancel it and buy this 'reservation after charting' ticket ?

Anonymous said...

in case online booking, If wait list, means no seat available it get cancelled automatically, after charting,

in case counter booking, you can ask for allocation at current booking else proceed for cancellation

on selected trains at originating station